⎾ South Orlando Dog Training ⏌

South Orlando Dog Training is a dog training company specializing in leash aggression and obedience training. It is owned and operated by Certified Dog Trainer, Todd Campbell CPDT-KA, ABCDT. 

Mr. Campbell specializes in rehabilitating aggressive leash behavior. Many dogs tend to lunge, bark and bear their teeth at skateboards, bikes, children or other dogs. Rather than believing the myth your dog is bad or mean, it is more likely that your dog is fearful and barking and lunging is a way of making these fearful things go away. 

He also provides private in-home training and problem solving of common and not so common canine behavioral issues such as jumping, door dashing, potty accidents, nipping, or destructive chewing. He also offers basic obedience classes throughout the year.

As your dog trainer, he can be your coach in helping you train or rehabilitate your dog through positive reinforcement which has been widely accepted as the most effective scientifically proven dog training method.

Mr. Campbell's service area includes Orange County, Osceola County and he is also a Kissimmee Dog Trainer. He is also covers the Solivita Community in Poinciana.

He is a frequent lecturer and public speaker doing presentations on canine behavior, adoption and training within the Osceola and Orange County Library Systems.

Gentle Guidance For You And Your Dog