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Dog Training Good Manners(Obedience Class) for dogs 5 months and older.

In this class, we methodically go through the cues, Relax on a mat, Sit, Focus, Sit-Stay, Come, Down, Down-Stay, and walk nicely on a leash over the course of 6 sessions. In each session, you are taught a few cues and you will be given homework to perfect those behaviors at home. There will be a few fun exercises to get our dogs excited about learning. Todd will also be able to answer many of your questions regarding dog ownership in general.

During the class, you can call, text or email him for any dog behavior questions whether they involve the class curriculum or not. It's a nice perk because you kind of have your own personal dog trainer on retainer for the run.

The class runs from 45-60 minutes twice a week for 3 weeks. Click here to go to calendar to find out when the next class is.
Cost: $130 Call 407-234-7343 to reserve your spot.


Class Rules

1.     Please – No unattended children. While we love to include children in the training process, they must be accompanied by a non-training adult so as not to disrupt the rest of the class.

2.     Dogs must be on a leash at all times unless instructed otherwise.

3.     Do not feed your dog 3 hours prior to class time.

4.     No screaming, hitting or abuse of any kind will be tolerated. If it is observed, you will immediately be withdrawn from the class with no refund. Remember, good dog training involves teaching the dog how to earn a reward and not how to avoid physical punishment.

5. Dog or people aggressive dogs should not take the class. Excessively shy dogs are also not good candidates for the class. Both these categories of dogs should opt of private in-home training.

5.     If you miss a class, it cannot be made up(except in a private lesson for an additional charge) and it is advised that you send someone to take notes for you. Class cannot be held up to go over what you may have missed in a previous class.

6.     Please be on time.

7.     Please pick up after your dog.

8.     Do not allow your puppy to play with others during the class time – there will be short play sessions throughout the class.

Equipment Needed for Class

1.      Provide proof of vaccination records

2.     6 foot leash – No retractable leads.

3.     Flat collar or harness. Front attaching body harnesses such as the EasyWalk harness is acceptable and encouraged. Please, no choke chain collars, shock collars or prong collars.

4.     Treats that your dog loves! We recommend freeze-dried treats but you can also use cheese or hot dogs, for example. Make sure the treats are cut up into pea-sized pieces.

5.     Plastic poop bags

6.     Treat pouch, which will help to keep your treats handy and your pockets clean. I sell the Pet Safe Mini Pouches for $18.

If the class is held outdoors and in the event of inclement weather or temperatures above 90 degrees, there is a chance the class may be rescheduled – you will receive a call or text message prior to the class so make sure your phone is on. Any cancelled classes with be made up at the end of the session.