How Many Dogs Can I Adopt At Once?

The short answer, only one. I have had a few clients who have either gotten two puppies at once or rescued two adult dogs at the same time. Even for the most experienced trainers, this is an true challenge. None of my clients who adopted two dogs at the same time were experienced dog owners and it became overwhelming.  First of all, you can’t train two dogs at the same time. You have to train them separately. Consistent practice and training is essential for both dogs. Some peopledidn’t have the time to do this. If you have ever had a baby and realize how much work it is, multiply that by two and know that this is what happens when you adopt two dogs at the same time. You have twice the expense and twice the time spent training. It is best to adopt one dog at a time and let that dog assimilate into your life.  Later, when you feel you have a handle on training and are readyto invest more time and money, carefully choose a second dog that will be compatible with the first.