Where Early Socialization Can Backfire

Lately, I have seen that members of the average dog owning public are really seeing the benefits of early socialization in puppies. This is an improvement from years ago when many people didn’t know what it was. When you own a puppy, there is a period where socialization is optimal, especially if you want well-adjusted dogs throughout their life. When you socialize a dog or puppy, you are exposing Skippy to as many different experiences as possible.  You want him to meet different people, visit parks, farmer’s markets, busy streets or any situations that he could encounter in his adult life. There is one caveat to socialization, though. If you expose your puppy to something he finds scary, socialization will be counterproductive. It could have the opposite effect and make Skippy fearful of that situation or the circumstances surrounding it. So, make sure you look at your puppy’s body language to avoid any negatives he might feel.  If he does, back off until he relaxes or ease him into situations carefully and slowly, and always bring tasty treats with you!