Breed-ism And The Pitbull

Pit bulls have received a bad rap for many years. Because they were cruelly used for dog fighting and there were a few “bad eggs” in the breed, they have suffered from what I call Breed-ism. Many insurance companies won’t insure you if you have one, some cities, counties and even countries have banned them. When there is a highly publicized dog bite in the press, the offending dog is always called a pit-bull even though there are many of dogs that look like a them. So, even though only a handful of dog bites are done by pit-bulls, most dog bite incidences are always wrongly blamed on the breed. Pretty unfair, huh? Check out this link and see if you can choose the pit-bull from the 25 pictures. It’s hard to pick it out.

In my experience as a trainer, pit-bulls look menacing but are actually a fun, energetic, smart and trainable breed. Like many energetic breeds, training early in their lives is important or they develop bad habits. In fact I have been bitten a number of times by dogs and none of them have been pit-bulls and this is the breed I most deal with when I volunteer at the shelter.

It’s time for us to put and end to the pitbull madness and treat them like any other dog, with respect, kindness and leadership.