Mastering the 'Come' Cue

Many people call me and want advice on why their dog won’t come when called. They use the excuses that their dog is stubborn or stupid. Chances are, your dog is neither. When dealing with dogs and training them, the dog many times will infer, “what’s in it for me.” They’re inherently selfish.

In light of this, a typical dog owner will call their dog; Rover, come…Rover….Come! ….and so on and so forth until the owner is so angry that he storms over to his dog and clips on the leash and forcefully says, “let’s go.”

So the dog has a choice. He is enjoyably sniffing grass or an angry owner grabbing his collar and bringing him home. No fun. I’ll take the grass sniffing, thank you.

A great come cue takes practice and a reward when he comes to you. Rehearse your come cue even when you don’t want Rover to come and follow it up with a reward. After some practice, when your really need him to come to you, you’ll get it. Let me teach you to train your dog the perfect come cue.