Essential things to have when you get a puppy

When you first get a puppy, what are the major things you need to buy? Well first of all, you need a crate. It’s a great place for the puppy to go when you can’t tend to him. Hollow chew toys that you can stuff with food is another good investment. Obviously, you need a collar and a leash. A comfortable bed would be good to redirect the dog if you want him off the couch.

One thing you won’t need is a food bowl. You should be feeding your puppy his entire meals by hand or in the hollow chew toys. When you feed your puppy by hand, you establish yourself as the provider and leader of the household. Anything that you have left over can be put in a chew toy, you turn your dog into a chew toy addict, which is much better than a couch chewing addict or a shoe chewing addict.