Adopting 2 dogs: Don’t create a huge headache for yourself!

As a trainer, I am not a fan of anybody adopting two dogs at once especially if you are a novice dog owner. When you have two dogs, you must train them separately. If you are new to dog ownership, this can be very overwhelming and time consuming. Think about it, you have to train the behaviors sit, stay, come, lay down and walk on a loose leash separately. If you don’t, you will have poorly trained dogs. Getting two puppies from the same litter can also cause problems. Without careful training and leadership, you will have those two puppies build a bond with each other where they have less of a need for the owner thus creating behavioral problems that get worse as they reach adolescence.

It is always better to get dogs one at a time and when you feel you have reached a point where you have a strong bond and established yourself as the provider of all resources, then you can carefully choose another dog.

If you have already adopted two dogs at once, all is not lost and I can still help you get through it.

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