Does your dog jump up on people?

We all hate it when our dogs jump up on people when they walk through the door. The natural human reaction is to yell at the dog to get off. But the fact that you are getting upset and yelling is actually fueling your dog’s excitement of meeting people and might even encourage it. Not only is Rover getting the attention from your guest but he is getting ramped up with your reaction. As usual, preplanning is essential. If your dog is a jumper, instruct guests to ignore the dog under all circumstances until the dog has all four feet on the ground. This is not an easy task but setting up practice sessions will help instead of waiting until Aunt Myrtle comes over in her new white dress. At the same time, you can teach your dog the off command. An easy way to do this is to teach the dog to jump up on cue then teach the off cue. You can also teach the dog to go to a place mat when the door rings.

There are many things we can teach dogs to do instead of jumping up on people. Let me show you what will work best for your dog.