Torture - Say No To Abuse

Horrible Shock Collar Injury

Horrible Shock Collar Injury

Thank goodness that we don’t use torture devices such as the guillotine, the spiked neck torture and the rack to either coerce or kill people. Those devices and techniques are best left in the dark ages. In light of that, why do some people feel like they need to torture a dog to get them to do what we want them to do? I see shock collars, pinch and prong collars, leash jerks, hitting, spanking, slapping and verbal abuse. It’s all bad and antiquated. And this learning method teaches a dog to fear their owner or fear the things that are associated with these pain inducing methods or devices. Unfortunately, there are still “floggers” out there in the dog trainer world and right here in Orlando. Don’t fall for their sales pitches that it is not harmful for your dog or your relationship to your dog. These trainers clearly don’t stay on top of the latest scientific research.

A lot of research has been done in just the last 20 years in dog training proving that positive reward based training is much more efficient, doesn’t hurt the dog, and strengthens the bond between owner and canine.

If you were in school and the teacher constantly beat you when you got the wrong answer, you would probably learn but you would despise the teacher and learning in general. But if the teacher would simply ignore your wrong answers and give you a $20 bill every time you got the right answer, learning would be a lot of fun and you would love the teacher. This is what modern dog training is all about.

Let me help you become your dog’s best and beloved teacher.