Training takes a lot of time, right?

If you have been to this site often and seen the various instructional or demo videos that feature my dogs(shown above), you might think that I am constantly training my dogs. The truth is, I only set aside about 10 minutes a day to train my dogs and sometimes I skip it all together.  The rest of the time, my dogs and me have to abide by certain rules so bad habits are not formed. The dogs know what or what not to expect from me on a daily basis and I never waiver from that. Mainly, it is making sure that I control all the resources. Resources are not only food and treats but attention, praise, walks, play, tug and petting. I even randomize those resources so they really don’t know when they are coming further putting me up on the ladder. Additionally, I have developed a great training relationship over a long period of time that is always positive and fun for the dogs. I never hit, shake, leash pop or administer any other kind of pain that make my dogs fear me.