How to get your dog to hang with you in the front yard

Have you ever wanted one of those dogs that hangs out with you in the front yard while you mill about and not have your dog wander away? Here is a quick tip to work towards that goal.  

1. have a great training relationship with your dog. You should train your dog to a point where he/she is deferent to you. This includes a solid stay and come off leash in different environments.
2. bring treats with you outside and keep an eye on your dog during this training period.
3. simply reward your dog for simply hanging around you. If your dog settles down and lays down, reward a lot for that.
4. Once you have your dog hanging around you for treats, very slowly over the course of several weeks, phase them out treating less and less. 
5. Eventually, only an occasional treat will do.

Note: if you live on a street where your dog would be at risk of getting hit by a car. I don't recommend him being off leash.