⎾ Leash Aggression Rehabilition⏌


Does your dog aggressively lunge at skateboards, bikes, children and other dogs on your walk?

Leash aggression and reactivity is a common problem many dog owners encounter. Many dogs tend to lunge, bark and bear their teeth at skateboards, bikes, children or other dogs. Rather than believing the myth your dog is bad or mean, it is more likely that your dog is fearful and barking and lunging is a way of making these fearful things go away. 
As a dog trainer, I can be your coach in helping you rehabilitate your dog through positive reinforcement. I will also give you the tools you need to not react in a panic when your dog does go bonkers.
My rehabilitation program involves three components

  1. Initial consultation and interview to find out what’s causing the problem.
  2. Schedule weekly lessons to help rehabilitate and desensitize your dog while he is on leash.
  3. Build confidence in your dog so that once again, you can enjoy your walk 

Give me a call and let’s talk about your dog and how we can help decrease your dog’s leash reactivity. 407-234-7343