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Todd has been so responsive to my many emails. He was also extremely accommodating with our work schedules when we were desperate to start fixing our puppy's issues (that one was potty training related). So far, we have only had one session, but we're already seeing the benefits in our miniature dachshund puppy. We are looking forward to future sessions with South Orlando Do Training!

Brittany H. Orlando, FL

Todd spent four days working with our puppy and my husband, and it really shows. He trained both the dog and the owner with common sense steps. Great work and we recommend him.

Eileen S. Orlando, FL

We wanted a great trainer who would help us with our new Australian Shepard puppy. While we have trained other breeds before, an Aussie was a new experience. Todd was very knowledgeable and equally caring to our dog. We made great strides in the four session package and have the tools to continue to train our pup thanks to Todd. He asked leading questions about our progress and came prepared for each of our sessions. We are grateful for his help and feel a sigh of relief knowing we were on the right page with our dog. Thank you, Todd!

Brian F. Downtown Orlando, FL


Todd was great to work with. He went over all the issues we had with our dog and helped us work towards a goal. He asked us what we wanted out of our training instead of telling us how it should be. We wanted someone that loved dogs and he proved it with all the positive reinforcement training and it was great to have someone show us different ways to help our dog in case he wasn't responsive to just one way.

Adrian G. Baldwin Park, FL

I would highly recommend South Orlando Dog Training. Todd is amazing with dogs just as he is amazing with people. I really enjoyed the training sessions and I could see my pup did as well. Super professional, easy to communicate with, and cares genuinely about progress.

Christina H. Winter Park, FL

great experience! My puppy has continued to learn from Todd’s training strategies.

Angie B. Hunters Creek, FL

Todd was easy to work with and scheduling a time for him to come to our home. Once here he observed how we walked our poodles and provided direction to stop them from pulling. Once he left he emailed us more info. We've been working with our dogs for a week now on our own and the results are fantastic!

Joe K. Orlando, FL.


Todd is fantastic. Highly recommend him. Our Pepe no longer pulls on leash and waits patiently for us to step up and down from our front door. No more dating in and no more dating after pooing. Well done. Todd. Pepe graduated from school early.

Carol N. Winter Garden, FL

Todd is an excellent trainer and gave us so much advice to help us raise a well-behaved, confident puppy.

Drew W. Baldwin Park, FL

It's been a great experience for all of us! I went from feeling like I'd never be able to handle 2 puppies, to "I can do this." Thanks so much.

Carol B. Winter Garden, FL (along with Dash and Violet)

Todd is a fantastic dog trainer. He took the time to make sure he fully understood all of our needs and then created a plan to address each issue. Todd made sure to make himself available at any time to answer any questions we had. Todd's methods were also very effective. Our main problem was resource guarding and Todd created the perfect plan to combat the guarding. We can't thank him enough for his help.

David O. Orlando, FL


"My fiancé and I have 2 pit mixes at home. I had my girl before I even met my fiancé, and she loves people, dogs, exploring new places, etc. While working as a veterinary nurse, we had a little pit mix puppy come in to our clinic. He was relinquished to the clinic, because the family "could not longer afford him". He had parvovirus and was skin and bones. Poor 2 month old
pittie baby!!! Long story short, we adopted him, treated him, and brought him home once he was rehabilitated. Fast forward a year, and our little guy unfortunately developed separation anxiety when we were at work,fear aggression, and aggression towards other dogs. Once we noticed how bad things had become, we searched for a trainer and found Todd. 

We can't say enough good things about Todd !!!! He's kind, patient, compassionate, well educated, and I literally think he speaks "dog". 😊

Todd uses clicker training and not only trains dogs, he effectively trains people too! While our boy isn't 100% "cured", he is MUCH improved. Todd couldn't even get near him during the first lesson, and after about 4 weeks, our boy couldn't wait to love on Todd !!! 

We had family stay at our house recently, and usually we would have to keep our boy in another room away from family for the first day or two until he adjusted. Even then, we would be nervous. This time, we walked him outside to meet our visiting family members,and he didn't even bark !!! He got along with everyone perfectly! Everyone was so impressed!!! We still have a few things to work on, but we couldn't be happier with his improvement. 

Todd, THANK YOU for all that you do! You gave us our dog back!"

Angelina S. Orlando, FL

"Todd was great with our 8 month old puppy Jake. I loved how even before we hired him he was reaching out to me to see if he would be the trainer for us. Jake looked forward to seeing him every week and has really helped our family keep Jake safe through commands and calm when new people come to the house. We highly recommend Todd and South Orlando Dog Training."

Meredith C. Orlando, FL

"Todd was great. He was always on time and great with correspondence. We were very happy with his teaching method, although he is very understanding of different forms and doesn't immediately dismiss other teaching styles or methods. We feel that his style that he tends to lean on has been very beneficial for our dog (shiba inu) who tends to be very stubborn and individualistic. Would highly recommend him to anyone."
Ben T. Lake Nona, FL

"I just wanted to share our experience with Todd and South Orlando Dog Training. We had an incident with our dog Bella- she's terrified of skateboards. Usually we just avoid skateboards all together- but on a walk, a guy came up behind us on a hover board which makes no noise- and cut us off. Bella got scared and bit the guy- not doing major harm... but it easily could've ended very badly. The guy was apologetic and said he should've known better than to come up behind a dog like that. It was at that time that we knew we needed help- we NEVER want to relive that situation again. It's our job to protect her from herself... and we were beside ourselves. We didn't know what to do! We just recently relocated from Los Angeles to Orlando so we really didn't know anyone that could refer us to a dog trainer. I came across a business card from South Orlando Dog at a local coffee shop in Celebration and called to see what could be done. We've been working with Todd now for a few months and I have to say- it has made a HUGE difference. South Orlando Dog Training is all about positive reinforcement. We NEVER thought Bella could break this habit. Todd is so patient and so caring- you can tell he really loves what he does and he truly cares about his clients. I would say we hit the jackpot as far as dog trainers go. If you are even thinking of hiring a trainer for your dog- Todd is the way to go"

Ginia M. Celebration, FL


"Todd Campbell has successfully assisted us in
training our adopted 3 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog
adjust to her new home. And as first time dog owners, Todd has been
very helpful in giving us tips in understanding dog behavior."
Dan & Agnes, Celebration Fl.

"Excellent experience! Great trainer and a kind and patient person!"
Linda, Windermere, FL

"We recently adopted a 6 year old rescue miniature poodle mix. He came to us friendly and housebroken but had no basic commands. Todd worked with our dog to teach him some basic commands and addressed some impulsive behavior and our dog is a real pleasure to be a part of our family. Todd's patience with the dog, and us, was wonderful!"
Sharon J. Solavita/Poinciana, FL

"I am so glad I finally decided to call a trainer and that I chose Todd. We needed some special help, not just command training, and he is so patient. Because of his willingness not to push the dog he made more progress in one hour than any of our friends can make in three hours. He was very knowledgeable, very affordable and I was very grateful with the plan he decided we should try. I definitely feel like he cares about my dog - he's not just some guy trying to make money. I highly recommend him."

Melanie C. Rosemont/Orlando, FL

Worth It!

"Todd is great!!! We're already seeing progress after the first two sessions! :)"



Juliana A.
Kissimmee/Lake Nona, FL

"Todd is extremely professional and thorough. He has made a point of discovering the root cause of our dog's behavior. He is a pleasure to work with and his functional protocols are positive for our dog."
Becky D. Orlando, FL


"Excellent communication and very professional services. Taught me some essential skills so I can train my dog to heel like a pro. Thank you~"
Amber B. Orlando/Baldwin Park, FL