Olympic medalists, professional football players, and other professional athletes all have something in common. They require a coach to get them to be at the top of their game. And even though they are considered the best in their field, they still have coaches. Their athletic ability far surpasses what their coaches can do physically and mentally. So why do they need a coach? A coach analyzes what the athlete won’t necessarily see while training. When you have a second set of eyes set on a common goal, amazing things can happen.

When you hire a trainer, you are adding an opinion and a professional look from an experienced observer looking at the total relationship between you and your dog. If there are concerns, there is likely something you are unaware you are doing with your dog that might be affecting his or her behavior in a negative way. For example, even if you’ve owned dogs all your life and you have issues with your present dog, think of a trainer as a coach to help you get on the right track. New dog and puppy owners can definitely benefit, too. The trainer or coach can ensure improved communication and bonding with your new canine.

Why Hire Me as your trainer?

1.     I am qualified and properly educated in the field of dog training. My specialty is helping you with the common or not-so-common behavioral issues that a dog owner might experience. Anybody can start a website, advertise and call themselves a dog trainer. But not everybody has the experience and up-to-date education that I do. I not only am educated through the Animal Behavior College but I also have been rigorously tested through the independent certifying organization called the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. 

2.     I regularly attend or view seminars by well-known experts in the field to stay up on top of growing trends and new research including but not limited to Dr. Ian Dunbar, Trish King, Chris Bach, Dr. Nicolas Dodman, Patricia McConnell, Grisha Stewart, Ken Ramirez, Pat Miller and Leslie Nelson.

3.     I love working with people. Let’s face it; dog training is primarily working with people. Some dog trainers that I meet might be good trainers but conveying a message to the dog owners that is easy to understand and motivating is another story.

4.     Puppy training. I want to prevent adolescent dogs from being relinquished to shelters. An adolescent dog is the most challenging for any dog owner and for that reason; shelters like the Pet Alliance of Orlando are filled with them. The best prevention for getting through those adolescent months is comprehensive puppy training before they become adolescent. That is why I make this my specialty.

5.     My training method is fun, uplifting and positively based for both owners and their dogs. Every human and every animal learns easier and retains more when they are having fun.